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Thank you for your interest in our school. We are delighted to share our school community with you, and our website is a great place to start to explore all that Daffodils school offers.

Our aim is not only to maintain high academic standards but also to promote excellence in activities also. Another of our important aim is to deepen the awareness of Indian heritage and culture in the students. We are also keen on imparting value with an enlightened sense of social justice and equality.

Admissions are Open

for children who are 2 years and above on 1st June,
To the Nursery for children who are 3 years and above on 1st June,
To L.K.G. for children who are 4 years and above on 1st June,
To the U.K.G. for children who are 5 years and above on 1st June.

The school was started in 2012 and has successfully completed 7 years.

Donations are not accepted by the school for admitting the students to any class.

Kreedo Setup

In Daffodils Kreedo curriculum is there where your child's base will be strong

Kreedo believes that every child is special and unique. Also, the ages of 0 to 6 years is one of the most important periods of any individual’s life because of the amount of brain development that happens during this period. Preschools play an extremely important role during this period. We believe that since the child has enormous ability to absorb and learn during this period, he needs to be exposed to a “Structured” environment where he is exposed to a variety of concepts. The child learns to be independent, self disciplined and learns through exploration and discovery. Hence, it is important that the curriculum, teachers, environment and the preschool as a whole provides all this to the child to aid his development. So, the child needs to be exposed to a child-centric curriculum where the child is given the individual time, freedom, independence and choice to explore and learn as opposed to a teacher-centric curriculum.

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About Us

DAFFODILS ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL is co-educational English Medium School. Due to importance is given to Hindi and Marathi languages also. We impart activity-oriented education with stress on situational teaching and practical training. We have adopted a system, which gives more importance to the learning process than to the teaching process.